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Stop 9 - Red Maple Floodplain

This area is known as a river floodplain. The river periodically overflows its banks here and the water fans out over many adjacent acres. The floodplain serves as a “sponge” and is an important part of the river system. These seasonally wet areas also function as habitat for wildlife. These forested floodplains provide diverse habitats as well as help improve water quality and settle out sediments from the flood waters. These areas are also known to contain temporary water bodies called vernal pools. Vernal pools collect snow melt and other runoff to provide a breeding habitat for amphibians. Amphibians lay their eggs in vernal pools. They spend a portion of their life cycle in water and then disperse on land. Vernal pools should be protected from unnecessary
alteration such as vegetation removal or filling.

Red Maple Floodplain -
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